When I work with Clients, we divide business into 3 main areas

  • Internal Mechanisms – Where you get everything under the hood in order. That is
  1. Processes
  2. People
  3. Leadership
  • Your Service – where you work on your values, your message and your sales
  • Your Extended Enterprise – where you bring your suppliers and customers into the very heart of your business

I have added some free video training for you below. These are long videos, however worth listening to get a feel for the principles and why you should focus on these areas in your business

Internal Mechanisms

Introduction to Strategy

Introduction to KPIs – The Why?

Introduction to Communications – Starting with You

Your Service

Introduction to Branding

Introduction to Marketing

Growing Your Sales

Your Extended Enterprise

Understanding Customer Value

What is Valuable Work

Evolution of Purchasing

Other Valuable Skills

Process Mapping

Workflow Management

Issue Tracking

Ask yourself, have you learnt from these videos?

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